We write songs to remember our loved ones and share our stories

Because music communicates directly to the soul

The Negaunee Music Institute of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

In collaboration with the Faith Community of St. Sabina Church

And the families of Purpose Over Pain

Created songs of love and remembrance

For the victims of gun violence

These remarkable people presented Songs for Peace

Songwriters brought their incredible imaginations

Singers brought their beautiful voices

And musicians of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago their talents

In celebration of the lives

And the people who are so deeply missed

Forming deep bonds between artists

And parents, siblings, and children struggling with loss

And finding the healing power of music

To strengthen the resolve to end the violence

Visit our tributes to loved ones and hear our Songs of Peace

our mission

We are coping with a terrible epidemic of gun violence. While a parent may never move past the loss of their child, we join together in community to create a more peaceful Chicago. We write songs to remember our loved ones. We write songs to share our stories since music communicates directly to the soul.