Rolanda Lakesia Marshall
January 8, 1979 - September 6, 1993

The Color of Love

by Alice Thomas Norris, Rex Horan, and Sara Lee
Vocals by Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas

Rolanda could have been anything
An actress, a singer or a dancer
But she wanted to be a teacher
Cos there’s so much the world needs to know.

Rolanda was an old soul
So caring, so clever, so headstrong
People said we looked like twins
She said, ‘mommy, I’m glad I look like you.’

She always left me notes
Like, ‘thanks, I’m glad you’re my mum’
And it’s words like this
That carry me through.

The color of love is purple
A royal color, a color that is loyal
One that’s full of richness
So that there can be no emptiness.

The color of love is blue
Not a blue that is sad
From when you were once mad
But a color that is true.

The color of love is the color of the sky above me
The color of love is lovely.