Ryan DeAndre Hatchett, Sr.
September 18, 1988 - July 23, 2018

My Ryan

by Sharon Renee Hatchett, Quinn Delaney, Alexandria Hoffman, Alice Park, and Robin Schulze
Vocals by

Mama’s son, we had a great run
Never lost hope, always having fun
No love compares to a mother and son’s
Look where we grew up, the battles we won

My dude, my Ryan
My dude, my Ryan…

Grandma’s boy, she’s missing you
Gift from God, wearin’ that jean suit
I love you, Mama, don’t worry, it’s fine
And we’ll all get our blessings in time

My dude, my Ryan
My dude, my Ryan…

Despite my choices, you’re my biggest fan
I love the fact you always do what you can
Don’t let nobody, don’t let nobody,
Turn you from, turn you from, your walk with Christ

My dude, my Ryan, your hugs sent me flyin’ my Ryan!