Deontae Montre'al Smith
December 11, 1989 - August 1, 2009


by Desiree Smith and Joshua Fink
Vocals by Desiree Smith

Loop Lap De Loop
Booms pa pa doo
I sound like Kanye
You know it is the truth
Place #1 cuz skull is the name
Go Nicki Chun-Li, but this is not a game


Cheesecake cuz C.R.E.A.M y’all do not cuz the lyrics are unseen
Tryna paint a vision, Liszzy B cuz ima Queen
Creepy neighborhood cuz y’all on the same thing
water in my tank ima little fishy
Plz do not gossip that’s for the magazine
I tryna get a livin not fah me but fah my team
Grinding on the regular, Peepin they tarantula


Aye, You flexin what yo credit score..?
All the drugs it’s gettin old
Rapping bout the same stuff, but hate on Cole
I ain’t gon lie it be lit, but truth be told
Everybody sound the same, play different roles
Say that you came from the trenches and you had nothin
Dont follow after biggie a legend who was frontin
Keep it real hood rich thanks to my momma


Plz go grab a book or somethin
Plz go grab a book or somethin
Plz go grab a book or somethin
Plz go grab a book or somethin


Kanye brain gone, switchin on us like a light switch
Playin mind games tryna make visuals on twitch
J cole hope you find a crib for yo momma house
Make sure that lady livin with the perfect spouse
The world is not all jolly like you think it is
But that’s alright cuz you a thinkin kid
You’ll notice yo surroundings an how to love laugh & live
That’s three L’s but I’m sorry I only take the wins